Do you Require a Custom Totem to Support Your Specific Intention?


Personalized Power items to amplify your spiritual  practice.

Do you Require a Custom Totem to Support Your Specific Intention?


Dagger of Protection

Protection is essential in a chaotic world.


This Talisman has been consecrated and designed to provide a mystic shield and ward against binds and harm. Algiz, rune of elk and sedge, strong and upright against pressure and harm. Hagalaz, guardian in the etheric and of the psyche. Combined with Tourmilanated Quartz to absorb and destroy negative forces that might press upon you.


In addition to these mytho-cultural aspects this Talisman will also awaken your own natural Defensive capacities both conscious and unconscious.


This Talisman is safe to wear daily, but will require regular clearing. Please consult with myself or OccultHours for more information on best cleansing practices.


Sterling Silver, Ancient Bronze,

Optional Inlayed Tourmalinated Quartz


Made in collaboration of Occult Hours.

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The unicursal hexagram is one of the most significant symbols of Aleister Crowley's Thelema.


It is a totem that holds within it the significance of both the microcosmic forces of the universe by way of the pentacle flower representing the five elements, and the macrocosmic forces that move us as represented by the hexagram.


Unique to the hexagram of Thelema, it can be drawn or depicted by a single line to create all six points, instead of two triangles, signifying the flow of cosmic forces through our universe.


As within so without,

as above so below.


Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions regarding this Talisman and I will do what I can or connect you with a qualified guide


Sterling Silver, Optional Inlayed Genuine Ruby

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Do you Require a Custom Totem to Support Your Specific Intention?



At the foundation of your ability to navigate life in the simplest of times, and the most difficult, is a sense of what cannot be known.


It is a sense of what can only be felt.


Instinct is your embodied connection to the world, your genetic blood and bones capacity to feel what is happening around you, and through it your brilliance can move.


Are you ready to access your power?


This is safe to wear daily if you desire, and will require no regular cleansing to continue to enhance your instinct, although as with any powerful object it may be useful to do so periodically.


The sensations of Instinct come immediately, unlike Intuition and Cognition, and they are often quite subtle. For this reason the Instinct Totem is best paired with active attention mindfulness practices and potentially a talisman of awareness to expedite the connection.


Once you've completed your purchase, feel free to reach out for guidance and exercises on how to use this Talisman more effectively.

Sterling Silver, Ancient Bronze, Optional Inlayed Black Spinel


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True communication passes through the 3 gates.


First, the Gate of "What you Think".

Second, the Gate of "What they Intend".

Third, the Gate of "The truth of the Message".


This is a one of a kind talisman and the last of a series of "keys", each made with specific functions and forms.


The 3 Gates concept is a process of understanding how your perception of an interaction interlaces with what is actually occurring in the exchange. Often we believe that good communication has occurred when in reality the other person is holding a completely different understanding.


This Talisman will support your navigation from the "expectation" to the actual art of communication and ultimately communion.


Once we have passed our own assumptions we can better listen for another person's intention. And moving beyond that we find the truth of our time together.


Can be worn daily for a period of time but will be most potent when worn during particularly significant or challenging interactions.


Custom silver alloy,

Tagua nut palm ivory (plant seed),

3 moss agates.


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Esoteric NFTs Collection

As the world expands deeper into the metaverse so must our skills and tools. Cryptocurrencies and the digital assets that live upon them will become as common place as the pen you use, the phone you hold, and the talismans you wear.

To that effect Ritualis has expanded into the Metaverse through Digital NFT Talismans.


At the heart of each Esoteric NFT is a very real anchor into the physical world; a point of power and wonder. Each NFT is a series of physically a digitally connected parts that channel that power into your life.

These NFTs will effect the owner of the wallet within which they sit. To transfer or gift the power they must be transferred to the target's wallet.


Choose wisely what you claim for they will have direct effects. 


Do you Require a Custom Totem to Support Your Specific Intention?